GYMTIMIDATION – The fear of being a new or inexperienced gym-goer


The day has finally arrived and you are a spectrum of emotions: Excited for a change in your life; hopeful for positive transformation; eager to improve your health, and yet FROZEN WITH FEAR at the thought of finally purchasing a membership at this strange place known worldwide as “the gym.”

When you first walk into the place it could almost give you sensory overload.  There are almost too many sights and sounds to take in to make sense of it all.  From all the strange and complicated looking machines, the constant “clink” of metal plates on those machines making contact, the humming of the cardio machines along with the soft thuds of feet running on treadmills, the racks of barbell plates (all different sizes with numbers on them) all over, the grunt of someone straining in the background on every rep, the trainer in the corner counting reps and loudly “motivating” their client, someone in front of the mirror taking their gym selfies, and several of the gym members doing weird movements that you have never seen in your life.

You stand there for a moment and think to yourself:

“What the hell am I getting myself into?”


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Hello my friends……

First and foremost I apologize for the delay in bringing you the conclusion of this series. Dad duty, a split work shift, writer’s block and Netflix binge watching are all main factors. But enough about my nutty life……who’s ready to make nutrition work for them?

If you haven’t yet, I suggest that you first go over parts 1 & 2 where I lay some ground work down for this piece (It will help you to understand the following information better):



Now that we understand the functions and energy values of macros while also having an idea of which natural foods to focus on, now its time to bring it all together to use strategy to make your foods fuel your body efficiently while getting your health and fitness goals attained.

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In the first installment of this series I went over the math of calories and macronutrients. (If you missed it, you can read it here:  Eating Healthy vs. Eating Fit – part one).  Granted, its not stuff we want to think about when we’re about to chow down on a tasty meal, but it is crucial to have a handle on it if you want a healthier and more fit lifestyle. You need to work the macro numbers in some way, at least for a short time to learn how to do it, to make it beneficial to you.


Some of you may view decreasing carbs as a punishment for weight loss. Others see increasing their total calories as an annoying chore for putting on more muscle. And another bunch of you groan that just eating enough balanced meals per day are a nuisance to your already busy schedule. Believe me, I get it because I have done all of those. But I’m here to tell you the truth. So, you can either whine and complain and make excuses as to why you can’t use a little brain power and effort to plan your foods out according to your needs………or you can put your big boy/big girl pants on and take action. Weeks, months and another year will pass regardless of what you think. You might as well take control of your diet in that time and mold yourself into what you want to become. Read More


What if I told you that there’s a difference between eating “healthy” and eating to be fit?


(gasp) Shocker, eh?

We have all heard some of the following phrases over and over again:

Eat clean”

Fuel your body”

An apple a day keeps the doctor away”

(XYZ product) is part of a nutritious breakfast”

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I’ve been asked countless times “what kind of workout split do you do, Jon?”

Here’s the answer to that question, but let me provide just a little background first:

Over the years I have come across countless  links and articles out there that have claimed how to get a better workout, how to blast this or that muscle, how to work your whole body in a certain amount of time…..and so on.  I read them often because I’m always looking for another little nugget to add to my repertoire.  But with my schedule, my goals and through learning how my body responds to my workouts, I have solidified the perfect workout routine for myself.

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Now you’re all set to start working out.  You’ve been yearning to improve your movement for daily practical purposes, shed some pounds, and even tighten up so you can look decent in a t-shirt. The gym membership is paid for and you even checked out a few workout clips on Youtube for exercise ideas.

But then somewhere as you are researching fitness (kudos to you if you actually take the time to!) you come across a bunch of related topics like:

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Getting In Shape FOR A Trainer?

Who remembers when they first learned to drive?


For me it was from the summer through fall of 1995.  I was 19 at the time.  Both my dad and older brother had their own cars, but for whatever reason refused to teach me.  So with the money I had from my part time job I paid for my own lessons.

Twenty driving sessions and a decent road test later I was officially licensed by the state of New York to operate a passenger vehicle.  However I was not able to obtain my first car for another year and a half. It took even longer than that for my dad to soften up and finally allow me to drive his car!

The point is this: I had to learn before I operated.  We learn before we “do.” You make a plan before you execute.  We crawl before we walk.  You get the idea.

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Summer Bodies Are Made When It’s Cold


At some point in the last few weeks or before this month is over, the thought might have crossed your mind….

The dreaded, over clichéd New Year’s resolution to firm up those arms, shave down the muffin top, or to tighten up that booty (for you ladies, but these days some dudes too).  Maybe you just want to be comfortable enough with yourself to go shirtless or to wear the two-piece.  But there’s nothing wrong with wanting to push your aesthetic to the next level either – provided that it’s not going to make you a self-absorbed social media whore!

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How Do I Stay Committed During The Holidays?


November is here:  time of the holiday season ushered in with cooler weather.  The hubbub of Thanksgiving, then Christmas and followed by New Year’s.  Of course, with all social customs involved this season, nothing says togetherness like food. It’s a time we create memories with family and friends, and when our bodies want the extra carbs and fat to insulate itself.  Before you know it, aside from the previous month of scarfing down cream and sugar laced  pumpkin lattes, your mouth has become an ingoing floodgate for potatoes with gravy, pies, Christmas cookies, red and green  M & M’s, candy canes, and plenty of booze.  What’s even more frustrating is that no one else around you wants to moderate the intake either!

During this time of the year we already know deep down that we want to buckle down and stay on track with keeping our fitness and nutrition goals.  Worst case scenario, we want to just hopefully plateau and not put on any noticeable weight.

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